Take care of your blood sugar with DIA:CONN!

DIA:CONN G8, Insulin injector

  • U-healthcare in vitro insulin injector certified to IEC-60601
  • CE Red Certification for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Alarm for low battery, low insulin leveland occlusions
  • Option to inject 0.05U 20 times every 3 minutes when 1U/hr is selected.
  • Option to inject as little as 0.05U at a time during meals.
  • The syringe can be bleed easily from the pump itself.
  • 1.5V AA alkaline batteries.
  • Support available in English, Korean and Chinese.
  • Various insulin injection modes(BOLUS(Nomal/Square/Dual) and BASAL).
  • Temporary basal mode (Percent/Value).
  • Size: 95mm(w) X 54mm(h) X 24mm(d)
  • Weight: 84g(excluding battery)
  • Power: DC 1.5V (AA Size)
  • Insulin dose: 3ml
  • Basal injection interval: 3 min.
  • Basal change steps: 1 - 24 steps
  • Injection speed: 1~8U/min
  • Safety: alerts for occlusions, low battery, low insulin and re-injection prevention.
  • Sound support: sound, vibration, silence
  • Communication connection: BLE 4.2

DIA:CONN P8, Smart Insulin Pen

  • Record the injection site to prevent reinjection in the same area
  • Insulin temperature monitoring
  • Record injection information to prevent overdosing/underdosing
  • One-hand Operation.
  • One-touch preset Injection.
  • USB Charging.
  • Provides DIA:CONN P8 dedicated cartridges (syringes) for direct filling from vials.
  • OLED Display.
  • (Ultra)Rapid, Long-acting, NPH, Mixed Insulin Support.
  • Size: 162.65mm(w) * 33.2mm(d) * 19.4mm(h)
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithum polymer battery
  • Amount of injection per session: 0.5U ~ 60U
  • Injection adjustment unit: 0.1U
  • Injection type: One-touch motor-driven
  • Injection history storage capacity: About 1,000 times
  • Cartridge Capacity: 3ml(300U)
  • Languages: Korean / English / German

DIA:CONN APP, G8 and P8 remote controller

Covenient control.
  • Easily set and administer insulin infusions via the smartphone application.
Real-time synchronization.
  • Real time transmission of historic insulin injector data to the DIA:CONN platform via the DIA:CONN APP.
Bolus calculator.
  • Matching algorithm according to selected insulin type. The bolus caculator provided enables precise insulin administration and blood sugar management.
Effective blood sugar management.
  • Easily check statistical information on blood sugar fluctuations, insulin administration and carbohydrate consumption.
  • View blood sugar management and pump history.

DIA:CONN CARE WEB, Medical support

Platform-based blood sugar management.
  • HCP(Healthcare Provider) can monitor the usage information of DIA:CONN G8 and DIA:CONN P8 remotely.
Statistical analysis.
  • Effortless patient connection and management functions for HCP (Healthcare Provider).
  • Analysis of blood sugar and insulin administration history and statistical graphs.
  • Accessibility of Patient's recent blood sugar, carbohydrate, and insulin injection information.
  • Data monitoring by time period via trend graphs.
  • Patient connection registration and disconnection options in patient connection management.
  • Member team set up and management authority permissions via User management.
  • Monitoring information for each patient and comprehensive search functions for registered patients via the integrated patient management function.
[Today] Information Sharing.
  • Various real-time patient information such as daily blood sugar information, carbohydrate consumption, bolus administration, etc. is sent to Care Web for monitoring to reflect the [Today] screen in the DIA:CONN APP.